The Millennium for me is a period in time

                                      Beyond man and before ... Heaven,

                                      A post-human period that succeeds

                                      The last stage of human civilization

                                      In the free-electron absolutism of Centrism,

                                      As applying to the Supermen and Supra-men

                                      Of the coming transcendental age.

                                      Since these are earmarked to succeed

                                      The Catholic and Protestant men

                                      Of the Christian age, so will they be superseded

                                      By the Superbeings and Supra-beings

                                      Of the post-Human Millennium,

                                      Who will in turn be superseded

                                      By the Spiritual Globes

                                      Of the post-Millennial Beyond.

                                      Prior to Christian men, we find the submen

                                      In the pagan age of proton absolutism,

                                      And they signified a 'fall' from the moral innocence

                                      Of tree-living apes in 'the Garden'

                                      Of the pre-human period in time,

                                      Which we can classify as the Alpha Millennium,

                                      A truly subnatural absolutism

                                      Of apes in branches and, prior to that,

                                      Leaves on trees, which were preceded

                                      By the Instinctual Globes of stars,

                                      Whether large, medium, or small,

                                      Unregenerate or cooling.

                                      So just as transcendental men will be

                                      Antithetical to the men of pagan antiquity,

                                      So the Superbeings of the Omega Millennium

                                      Will be antithetical to the apes, or submen,

                                      Of the Alpha Millennium, and the Supra-beings thereof

                                      Likewise antithetical to its trees or, rather, leaves,

                                      Which we can classify as sub-beings,

                                      If only to distinguish them from apes.

                                      However, it is towards the Omega Millennium

                                      Instead of back towards the Alpha Millennium

                                      That man is slowly advancing,

                                      And when he eventually gets there

                                      His final overcoming will be for real,

                                      With only a comparatively small number

                                      Of men remaining to engineer the creation

                                      And supervise the physical and spiritual wellbeing,

                                      Of his god-like successors.