Stages in the Behind leading

                                      From the first-cause central star

                                      Of any particular galaxy to sun-type

                                      Peripheral stars, and from there to planets,

                                      As from the Alpha Absolute ...

                                      Of a universal instinctual globe 

                                      To galactic and planetary instinctual globes -

                                      Creators, devils, and demons,

                                      In decreasing sizes proportionately.

                                      Contrast this to stages

                                      In our projected Beyond, leading

                                      From planetary and galactic spiritual globes

                                      To the universal spiritual globe ...

                                      Of the Omega Absolute -

                                      As from the Many and Few to the One,

                                      With increases in size proportionately,

                                      As convergence and expansion take

                                      Their divinely-ordained course in the depths of space,

                                      From planetary spiritual globes,

                                      Each one arising from a Supra-being

                                      In the second stage of millennial evolution,

                                      To the larger galactic spiritual globes,

                                      Antithetical to suns, until culmination

                                      Is achieved in the universal spiritual globe ...

                                      Of the Omega Absolute,

                                      As the end-product of all previous

                                      Convergences and expansions,

                                      The complete antithesis to the Alpha Absolute

                                      At the centre of each galaxy,

                                      The Creator-equivalent with

                                      Its wavicle proton-proton reactions, not one but ...

                                      Thousands of them all over the Universe,

                                      The source from which smaller stars 'fell',

                                      To diverge and contract

                                      In diabolic apartness of particle friction,

                                      The infernal Behind of cosmic devolution,

                                      Competition cosmos-without-end.

                                      Astronomy and astrology are

                                      Of this diabolic cosmos, the one physical

                                      Or, rather, subphysical, and the other occult,

                                      Concerned with interpreting

                                      The instinctual effects upon the human psyche

                                      Of stars and planets, reflecting

                                      Enslavement to subnatural determinism.

                                      Higher man, closer to the Beyond than

                                      To the Behind, scorns these diabolic disciplines,

                                      Won't have anything to do with them.

                                      He knows that the future won't have

                                      Anything to do with them either,

                                      Preferring its closed-society absolutism

                                      Of an aspiration towards the Beyond,

                                      Dedicated, through Centrism, to the cultivation

                                      Of pure spirit in free-electron attractions

                                      Of mind to mind, a microcosmic approximation

                                      To subsequent macrocosmic unification.