Marriage is a liberal bond

                                      Between church and kingdom,

                                      The Virgin and the Father transmuted,

                                      Through Christian realism.

                                      Woman as atomic-wavicle equivalent

                                      And man as atomic-particle equivalent

                                      During the act of procreation.

                                      Soft and hard, hard into soft growing softer

                                      Until climax eclipses both

                                      In the most ecstatic sensation of physical soul!

                                      Fear of descent into state promiscuity

                                      At the heart of natural conservatism,

                                      Its roots somewhere down in allegiance to nature.

                                      No divorce if that encourages a split

                                      Between church and state, and ...

                                      Fans the flames of a state absolutism,

                                      Antinaturalism growing to the point

                                      Of exclusion of woman from sex,

                                      A particle materialism of homosexual males.

                                      All very bad from the standpoint

                                      Of the Catholic Church, sexual decadence

                                      A confirmation of moral decline.

                                      So what's to be done?

                                      Stay atomic for ever, keeping people married

                                      In a liberal compromise?

                                      No, evolution demands its way,

                                      Else life will perish in deathly stasis!

                                      For wavicle-biased peoples,

                                      The answer is a new and higher wavicle bias,

                                      A supernatural sexuality that

                                      Transcends marriage, being above atomic dualism

                                      In the free-electron absolutism

                                      Of artificial individual sex, as germane

                                      To a Social Transcendentalist ideological integrity,

                                      Each person, whether male or female,

                                      Independent of the opposite sex,

                                      Since not recognizing a sexual dichotomy,

                                      A plastic inflatable or vibrator

                                      The physical concomitant

                                      Of the 'social' side of the ideology,

                                      A refined pornographic extremism, appertaining

                                      To computers, the spiritual concomitant

                                      Of the 'transcendental' side

                                      Of this relativistic absolutism,

                                      The supernatural successors to both

                                      Coital and oral sex - the pornographic

                                      More supra-natural than supernatural.  And babies?

                                      Conceived, as before, by women, except that

                                      The seed comes from sperm banks

                                      And is artificially inseminated into

                                      The prospective mother,

                                      Thereby transcending the need for sexual materialism,

                                      That church/state compromise, in a Centrist absolutism.

                                      Oppose the antinatural if you will,

                                      But don't regard the natural as worthy of eternal sanction,


                                      The true evolutionist is a Supernaturalist,

                                      Aligned with free-electron divinity.

                                      He who is for the Holy Spirit is above marriage.

                                      He who is for supertheocracy cannot be bureaucratic

                                      Or democratic, still less autocratic!