One must carefully distinguish between

                                            The autocratic, the bureaucratic/democratic,

                                            And the theocratic, as between three periods

                                            Of evolutionary time, corresponding

                                            To the Father, the Mother/Son, and the Holy Ghost,

                                            While not forgetting the anti-democratic period

                                            Of the Antichrist, whose hard-line republican state

                                            Opposes both the Father and the Mother/Son

                                            Without being in favour of the Holy Ghost.

                                            That devolves upon the Second Coming

                                            And his Social Transcendental Centrism,

                                            And he well knows that

                                            No true aspiration towards the Holy Ghost

                                            Can be made while both state and church,

                                            Not to mention kingdom, are in existence.

                                            As the Second Coming, he signifies

                                            A second and more omega-oriented wavicle bias -

                                            That of the electron Centre

                                            As opposed to the atomic Church.