Whether through the adulterated wealth

                                      Of capitalism or the purer wealth of socialism,

                                      Private hoarding or public sharing,

                                      Economics rules the contemporary roost,

                                      The electron bird of the people

                                      Shorn of its feathers and unable to fly,

                                      Angrily hugging the ground.

                                      Who but the Messiah can save this bird

                                      From its living death ... through the Resurrection,

                                      The rebirth of civilization

                                      On the highest wavicle terms

                                      Of electron freedom and spirit?

                                      Marx is no saviour but, rather, an Antichrist

                                      Of the materialist death, Das Kapital

                                      The pseudo-Bible of the radical State,

                                      Wealth to be shared, instead of abolished,

                                      In the interests of social progress,

                                      The socialistic 'best of a bad (economic) job',

                                      The evil collectivism of socialist dispensation opposing

                                      The evil individualism of capitalist exploitation.

                                      How inadequate from the standpoint

                                      Of the Second Coming!  He who wishes

                                      To lift electron man above

                                      The economic strangulation of state existence

                                      And free him for the Centre,

                                      The true revolutionary who despises

                                      Mere bureaucratic rebellion against

                                      The plutocrats, estimating revolution

                                      On the meritocratic terms of a wavicle progression,

                                      The positivity of the Centre

                                      Rather than the negativity of the State.

                                      He knows that man won't live fully

                                      Until the living death is overcome

                                      By the resurrection of religion

                                      On the purest wavicle terms.

                                      The Second Coming isn't of the Church

                                      But of the Centre,

                                      Isn't of Roman Catholicism

                                      But of Social Transcendentalism,

                                      Isn't of the Blessed Will

                                      But of the Blessed Spirit,

                                      Which alone portends a Life Eternal.