Original Philosophy and other eBooks by John O'Loughlin

Some of his Titles

Some of his Titles
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On this page are listed a few of the titles John O'Loughlin offers as part of his main product line. Please check-in from time to time because he occasionally updates the product pages with new eBooks and/or offers.

Presenting 'Cross-Purposes'
An autobiographical-cum-philosophical novel about a young writer's relationship with the wife of his publisher and the ensuring ramifications both for him and his friends.

Preview of CROSS-PURPOSES eBook


Presenting 'A Visit to Hell' 
A collection of short prose with philosophical undertones strongly influenced by dualism and the German philosopher Oswald Spengler, but with a gradual shift from cynical historicism to optimistic futurism that incorporates some moral speculations.

Preview of A VISIT TO HELL eBook


Presenting 'An Interview Reviewed' 
When an inexperienced surrogate interviewer of world-famous composer Howard Tonks fails to complete his assignment on time, he finds himself returning to it at a later date, but with unforeseen complications which lead to consequences which neither he nor his employers at the arts magazine for which he works have any prior experience of, with interesting if unsavoury results.


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