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This page presents an exhaustive list of John O'Loughlin's Literary eBooks (poetry, prose and, especially, philosophy). You can view any given title by clicking on a text link.

John O'Loughlin will continue to concentrate on eBooks of a deep literary nature, principally with regard to fiction, poetry, and, especially, to philosophy of a highly ideological and increasingly comprehensively-exacting structure based on the four elements but considerably transcending them in terms of a number of correlative quadruplicities of either a hegemonic, a subordinate, or a mutually subversive and subverting tendency.

Here is a list of eBook titles available to be previewed prior ro purchase:-

Changing Worlds (novel)

Fixed Limits (novel)

Michael Savage (combination of 'Changing Worlds' and 'Fixed Limits')

Cross-Purposes (novel)

An Interview Reviewed (novel)

Thwarted Ambitions (novel)

Secret Exchanges (novel)

Logan's Influence (novel)

A Trilogy Transcendent ('Thwarted Ambitions', 'Secret Exchanges', 'Logan's Influence' in one volume.)

Sublimated Relations (novel)

Deceptive Motives (novel)

False Pretences (novel)

Post-Atomic Integrities (novel)

The Politics of Sexuality (novel)

A Magnanimous Offer (short prose)

A Visit to Hell (short prose)

From the Devil to God (short prose)

Dream Compromise (short prose)

Millennial Projections (short prose)

A Selfish Man (short prose)

A True Extremism (short prose)

Two Sides of the Same Coin (Collected Short Prose Vol.1)

Tales Side Up (Collected Short Prose Vol.2)

Collected Short Prose (in one volume)

Dosshouse Blues (poems)

Stressing the Essential (poems)

Spiritual Intimations (poems)

Evolution (prose poems)

The Modern Death (poems)

Abstracts (poems)

Trees (poems)

Contemplations (abstract poems)

Supercontemplations (abstract poems)

Ultracontemplations (abstract poems)

In Disguise (collected poems)

Contemplative Abstracts (collected abstract poems)

Between Truth and Illusion (dualistic philosophy)

The Illusory Truth (dualistic philosophy)

A Question of Belief (dialogues)

The Fall of Love (essays)

In the Shadow of Spengler ('A Question of Belief' and 'The Fall of Love' in one volume)

The Transcendental Future (dialogues)

The Way of Evolution (essays)

Dawn of the Life (Combines 'The Transcendental Future' with 'The Way of Evolution')

The Importance of Technology (dialogues)

Future Transformations (philosophy)

Becoming and Being (autobiography)

Post-Atomic Perspectives (philosophy)

The Will to Truth (philosophy)

Social Transcendentalism (philosophy)

The Road to Social Transcendentalism (philosophy)

A Knowledgeable Approach to Truth (Collected Essays Vol.1)

A Truthful Approach to Knowledge (Collected Essays Vol.2)

Collected Philosophical Essays (philosophy)

Lopsided Conversations (Collected Dialogues Vol.1)

Flopsided Conversations (Collected Dialogues Vol.2)

Collected Philosophical Dialogues (philosophy)

Convergence (Collected Maxims and Aphorisms 1977-84)

The Road to Social Transcendentalism (philosophy)

Portraits (biography)

Beyond the Pale (autobiography)

Evaluations and Revaluations (philosophy)

Devil and God (philosophy)

From Materialism to Idealism (philosophy)

Towards the Supernoumenon (philosophy)

Elemental Spectra (philosophy)

Collected Supernotational Writings Vol.I (philosophy)

Critique of Post-Dialectical Idealism (philosophy)

Philosophical Truth (philosophy)

Veritas Philosophicus (philosophy)

Last Judgements (philosophy)

Collected Supernotational Writings Vol.II (philosophy)

Collected Supernotes (philosophy)

Maximum Truth (philosophy)

Truthful Maxims (philosophy)

Informal Maxims (philosophy)

Maximum Informality (philosophy)

From Satan to Saturn (philosophy)

From Punishment to Grace (philosophy)

Occasional Maxims (philosophy)

Maximum Occasions (philosophy)

Last (W)rites (philosophy)

Eternal Life (philosophy)

Book of Beliefs (philosophy)

Omega Maxims (philosophy)

Maximum Omega (philosophy)

Omeganotes (philosophy)

Revolutions (philosophy)

Revelations (philosophy)

The Ideological Philosophy (philosophy)

Deistic Deliverance (philosophy)

Ultranotes from Beyond (philosophy)

The Soul of Being (philosophy)

The Core of the Self (philosophy)

The Kingdom of the Soul (philosophy)

Terminological Dictionary (philosophy)

The Triumph of Being (philosophy)

Beyond Imagination (philosophy)

Bringing the Judgement (philosophy)

The Totality of Nature (philosophy)

The Promise of 'Kingdom Come' (philosophy)

The Right to Sanity (philosophy)

Magnus Dei (philosophy)

Opus D'Oeuvre (philosophy)

Pathways to 'the Kingdom' (philosophy)

Private Observations (philosophy)

The Myth of Equality (philosophy)

Freedom and Determinism (philosophy)

Point Omega Point (philosophy)

The Omega Point of Cultural Truth (philosophy)

Alpha and Omega (philosophy)

Valuations of a Social Transcendentalist (philosophy)

Total Truth (philosophy)

Ethnic Universality (philosophy)

No Man-Oeuvre (philosophy)

The High-Way of Truth (philosophy)

The End of Evolution (philosophy)

The Virtuous Circles (philosophy)

The Struggle for Ultimate Freedom (philosophy)

Apotheosis of the Gnosis (philosophy)

Eschatology or Scatology (philosophy)

Apocalypso (philosophy)

At the Crossroads of Axial Divergence (philosophy)

Opti-Mystic Projections (philosophy)

Unflattering Conclusions (philosophy)

Radical Progress (philosophy)

Stairway to Judgement (philosophy)

A Perfect Resolution (philosophy)

The Last Judgement (philosophy)

The Free Testament (philosophy)

Revelationary Afterthoughts (philosophy)

Revolutionary Afterthoughts (philosophy)

Judgemental Afterthoughts (philosophy)

Father Omega's Last Tetstament (philosophy)

Revaluations and Transvaluations (philosophy)

The Classless Solution (philosophy)

The Dialectics of Synthetic Attraction (philosophy)

The Dialectics of Civilization (philosophy)

The Dialectics of Gender and Class (philosophy)

Yang and Anti-Yin (philosophy)

Lamb and Anti-Lion (philosophy)

Celestial City and Anti-Vanity Fair (philosophy)

Jesus - A Summing Up! (philosophy)

The Best of All Possible Worlds (philosophy)

My Soul On Ice (philosophy)

Bold and Eclectic (philosophy)

The Omega Quartet (philosophy)

The Maximum Truth Quartet (philosophy)

The Apocalypso Quartet (philosophy)

The Ethnic Universality Quartet (philosophy)

The Father Omega Sextet (philosophy)

The Free Testament Quartet (philosophy)

The Radical Progress Quartet (philosophy)

The Virtuous Circles Quartet (philosophy)

The Yang and Anti-Yin Quartet (philosophy)

Opus Postscriptum (philosophy)

Aphoristic Notes (philosophy)

Philosophical Ruminations & Theosophical Illuminations (philosophy)

Beyond Truth and Illusion (philosophy)

Literature and the Intercardinal Axial Compass (philosophy)

The Quest for Truth (philosophy)

The Centre of Truth (philosophy)

Insane But Not Mad (philosophy)

Musings of a Superfluous Man (philosophy)

From Superfluous Man to Superman (philosophy)

Ahead in the Clouds (philosophy)

Philosophic Flights of Poetic Fancy (philosophy)

Limitless (philosophy/autobiography)

Reluctance (philosophy)

Reservations in Orange and Green (philosophy)

Christmas in the Doghouse (philosophy/literature)

The Fourfold Composition of Elements and Pseudo-Elements in Axial Perspective (philosophy)

Atoms and Pseudo-Atoms in Subatomic Perspective (philosophy)

Stations of the Supercross (philosophy)

Supercrossed (philosophy)

The Black Notebooks (philosophy)

Black Sabbaticals (philosophy)

Prophet Over Profit (philosophy)

B.O.R.T. (philosophy)

Keys to the Kingdom of Truth (philosophy)

So There (philosophy)

Instru-mental (philosophy)

Shut Down and Open Up (philosophy)

Agape Like an Ape (philosophy)

Anthological Morphologies (philosophy)

Dualism (philosophy)

About-Face (philosophy)

Endstation H H (philosophy)

End Station J J (philosophy)

D(r)ead Ends (philosophy)

Notable Thoughts (philosophy)

Quotable Thoughts (philosophy)

Thoughts (philosophy)

Final Thoughts (philosophy)

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